Igg Clears Former Uia Boss

Igg clears former uia boss
Appeared in The New Visionon 23 May 2019

The Inspectorate of Government has exonerated former executive director of Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) Jolly Kaguhangire, over allegations including fraud and abuse of office.

In a report early this month, the Inspectorate said it did not find evidence backing allegations of misuse of funds, illegal recruitment, procurement of the services of online media platforms to carry out a smear campaign against UIA staff and receipt of sh400m from three companies so that they are given land in Kampala Industrial and Business Park.

Other allegations which the Inspector General of Government (IGG) investigated and found no evidence to support them include allowing her (Kaguhangire’s) husband to use UIA facilities to do private work and facilitating to travel and attend to government matters in Russia, yet he is not a public servant.

The IGG did not, however, order the reinstatement of Kaguhangire as UIA executive director.