Forged Papers: Igg Orders Dismissal

Forged papers: igg orders dismissal
Appeared in The New Visionon 26 Jul 2018

The Inspector General of Government (IGG) has ordered the dismissal of the Kamuli district senior accounts assistant, Alex Baleese, over impersonation and lack of the requisite academic qualifications.

In a letter signed by Deputy IGG, Mariam Wangadya, she directed the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), to submit Baleese to the district service commission for dismissal and also immediately delete his name from the payroll.

According to a report by the IGG, the Inspectorate of Government made investigations into the matter, following a complaint that two government officials were sharing academic documents.

Investigations, however, revealed that Alex Baleese, a senior accounts assistant, whose real name is Johnson Atyamiisa, impersonated Alex Baleese, a teacher and his uncle.