IG Events

Zanzibar delegation visits ig
12 Mar 2018

Three-person delegation from Zanzibar Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Authority (ZAECA) being officially received to the Inspectorate of Government on a benchmarking visit ...

Malawi delegation visits ig
02 Mar 2018

Group photo with a delegation from the Parliament of Malawi and the Office of the Director of Public Officers Declarations (ODPOD) of Malawi ...

Star initiative team visits jinja regional office for public interface 'demo'
08 Feb 2018

Star Initiative Team Visits Jinja Regional Office For Public Interface 'Demo' ...

Eu hocs delegation visits jinja regional office
07 Feb 2018

The IGG, Ms Irene Mulyagonja, hosting a Delegation of EU Heads of Development Cooperation on a benchmarking visit to the IG's Jinja Regional Office ...

Malawi delegation visits kampala regional office
02 Feb 2018

IG staff with a Delegation from Malawi after a benchmarking visit to the IG's Kampala Regional Office ...

Ig and ura sign mou to improve information sharing
18 Jan 2018

IG and URA sign MOU to improve information sharing with each other. The MOU is a furtherance of a mutually beneficial struggle for improved levels of compliance and integrity in government institutions. ...

The inspectorate of government and danish parliamentary ombudsman sign cooperation mou
09 Jan 2018

The Inspectorate of Government and Danish Parliamentary Ombudsman sign cooperation MOU ...

Anti corruption week 2017
27 Nov 2017

Schedule of activities
10th east african procurement forum
02 Nov 2017

The IGG addressing the 10th East African Procurement Forum at Serena International Conference Centre. ...

Igg honoured at 10th ea procurement forum
02 Nov 2017

The IGG Ms Irene Mulyagonja honoured at the 10th East African Procurement Forum at Serena Conference Centre ...