Uganda vs afaro gilbert -
Criminal case no. 1041/2011 (ts 91/2009)
Updated on: 14 Jul 2017

Mr. Afaro Gilbert came to this office complaining that the officials at the Administrator General’s (AG) office were mishandling his file in which he was processing benefits of his late father. During the investigations the officials at the AG’s office identified him as a person who had previously applied for and received compensation meant for the estate of one late Kiwanuka Richard amounting to 28 m/= in which he represented himself as Sam Sinde. Investigations revealed that in both cases Mr. Afaro was not the rightful beneficiary.

He was charged with Obtaining Money by False Pretence, Conspiracy to Defraud and Utterance of forged documents all under the Penal Code Act.

Court found him guilty on the charges of Obtaining by False Pretence and Conspiracy to Defraud. However, he was discharged on the charge of Utterance on grounds that it was incurably defective.

Court was persuaded by our submissions on sentencing to hand him a sentence of five years imprisonment i.e. 3 and 2 years respectively on the charges albeit to run concurrently.