Uganda vs adeka judith margaret and 2 others -
Criminal case no. 66/2017
Updated on: 13 Jul 2017

Investigations herein revealed that gratuity and pension amounting to UGX 10,177,266/= and UGX 4,359,978/= respectively meant for Mr. Akuma Kelili was diverted and embezzled by Ms Judith M Adeka, then Personnel Officer Ministry of Public Service with the help of Ms Annet Adero a teacher, and Mr. Sam Oming a businessman in lira.

That in 2005 Mr. Akuma applied for his gratuity/pension after his office was abolished. Ms Judith M. Adeka verified his documents but instead of crediting his account, she connived with Ms Adero and Mr. Oming to open an account in the names of Akuma Kelili onto which the money would be deposited. Indeed an account was opened in Barclays bank by Mr. Oming personating Mr. Akuma Kelili, in which the above monies were deposited, withdrawn and shared by the trio.

A charge sheet was prepared with the offences below:

Count I: Abuse of Office

Count II: Corruption c/s 2(h)

Count III: Conspiracy to defraud and in the alternative Aiding and Abetting the Offence of Fraud

Count IV: Theft c/s 253 and 254 of the penal code act

Count V: Personation c/s 381(1) of the penal code act

Ms Adero and Mr. Oming took plea on 30/6/2017 at the Anti Corruption Court, Kololo.

Court sentenced him to 8 months and 4 months respectively. Court was lenient with him because he did not waste court’s time; he is HIV positive and expressed willingness to cooperate with the state on the other charges. Criminal summons were issued against Ms Judith Adeka for the 13/7/17 for her plea.