Ug vs malimbo mugagga -
Acd cr case no 0052/2015
Updated on: 09 Apr 2018

The Principal Biostatician in the Ministry of Health, Malimbo Mugagga was yesterday convicted by Her Worship Agnes Alum, Chief Magistrate ACD, and sentenced to a fine of UGX 2,500,000 or imprisonment for 1 year for the offence of Abuse of office and sentenced to a fine of 1million or impriosonment for 7months for the offence of misuse of public property.

The Inspectorate of Government in 2015 charged Malimbo Mugagga, a Principal Biostatician in the Ministry of Health with abuse of office and misuse of public property. Mr. Malimbo was entrusted with a government vehicle to carry out government work in the Epidemiology Disease Control/Surveillance Section under the National Disease Control Department. He however, gave the vehicle to a private person, Bogere Sentamu who had been in custody of the vehicle for 4 years at the time it was impounded on the instructions of the Inspector General of Government (IGG). While in the custody of the government vehicle, Mr Bogere was using the vehicle to vend spare parts from Kiseka Market. Unfortunately, whenever the vehicle was needed for official duties, Mr Malimbo would allege that it was in the garage.

During the investigations carried out by the Directorate of Leadership Code (Victor Acidri and Tumusiime Doreen), it was found that many officials at the Ministry of Health were in the habit of misusing the property of the Ministry of Health. The officials were remorseful and administrative action was taken against them. However, Mr. Malimbo was adamant and did not express remorse. Hence the IGG charged him.

The IG prosecution team comprised of Mr.Okoth Thomas and Brenda Kimbugwe.